About us

Ríkiseignir (Government property agency)

The agency is commissioned by the Ministry of Finance to oversee the guardianship of buildings, lands and natural resources in Iceland owned by the state. It is responsible for leasing the properties as well as scheduling maintenance. Currently 20 people are employed full time by the agency.

The scope of the agency extends to:

  • Representation of the property in its care
  • Renting out the property
  • Scheduling necessary maintenance and renovations to properties
  • Paying property tax and fire insurance
  • Overseeing subletting of privately owned properties to other government agencies
  • Advising the Ministry of Finance in matters relating to property and leases

Ríkiseignir finances its operation with rental income from those government agencies that rent its property. On rare occasions, when faced with extensive restoration projects, Ríkiseignir will seek an additional contribution from the national budget.


Borgartún 7a
105 Reykjavík

Hours of operation:
Weekdays 08.30 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 16.00.

Phone no: +354 520 5600
Email: rikiseignir@rikiseignir.is